4 Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair Color

4 Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair Color

Lightening your hair is an excellent way to add a sunkissed hue to your hair without getting too drastic with your natural hair color. There are several natural ways to add beautiful highlights to your hair without contending with the side effects associated with artificial bleaching chemicals. Whether you want to add some natural-looking highlights or go for an all-over lightening effect, there are a few methods to lighten your hair color naturally.

1. Use Lemon Juice

Lemons are readily available and cheap. They offer the easiest and convenient way to lighten your hair naturally while at home. Once you have applied the mixture to your hair, it is naturally activated by the sun to bring the highlights you desire.

  1. Mix lemon juice with a little water
  2. Add a teaspoonful of hair oil. You can also use olive oil.
  3. Mix the contents well and spray them on your hair. Make sure the mixture spread to all the surfaces of your hair to the root strands
  4. Spend the day outdoors on the sun to allow natural processes to take place.

You will begin seeing changes in the coloring of your hair a few hours after you have applied. You may get a medium brown or dark blonde, depending on your hair type.

2. Use Chamomile

Chamomile is a natural ingredient that can lighten your strands when used alone or with honey. When you use chamomile, expect an all-over light change with less noticeable highlights. These changes will be more prominent in natural daylight or when you are exposed to bright light. The best thing about chamomile is that it is less aggressive on your hair than other natural methods.

  1. Add water to the chamomile and brew just like you would tea
  2. Let the contents cool down before you apply it evenly on your hair
  3. Saturate your hair strands thoroughly and cover them using a shower cap or its equivalent for 30 minutes. Don’t exceed one hour
  4. Wash off the contents and condition your hair

You will notice the desired changes in your hair a few hours after the treatment.

3. Use Honey

Honey is another excellent hair lightening ingredient. However, unlike lemon, honey may take time to have a full effect on your hair.

  1. Add a little water to the honey and mix it well
  2. Saturate your hair with the mixture for one hour
  3. Afterward, cover your hair with a plastic bag, shower cap or processing bag to increase the process
  4. If you added hydrogen peroxide to the honey, ensure you wash it off thoroughly before conditioning your hair.

You will notice changes in your hair color several hours after the treatment.

4. Sea Salt

Sea salt can deliver exceptional results when used to lighten your hair. Spending a few hours in the ocean often leads to natural-looking highlights on your hair. Well, you can achieve the desired highlights without having to spend any time in the sea.

  1. Thoroughly mix sea salt with hot water
  2. After it has cooled, spritz the solution on your hair
  3. Wait for 30 minutes before you rinse and wash the contents off your hair
  4. Use hair conditioner and hair oil to prevent salt from drying the hair

You will start noticing hair color changes a few hours after the treatment.

The methods above are cost-effective, easy, and require no training or experience. Visit Imagique Salon Suites for more information about hair lightening and leasing an ideal salon suite.