4 Trendy Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

4 Trendy Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

Spring brings a sense of renewal, whether changing your wardrobe or sprucing up your home. It can also be a great time to try something new with your hairstyle. For some, changing up their hair only to spend hours maintaining it to make it look just right can feel daunting. From picking from an overwhelming number of styles to concern over the effort needed to upkeep your new hair, what should be an exciting experience can seem overwhelming.

4 Trendy Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

While a haircut can be a means of transformation, it doesn’t have to leave you scratching your head in indecision. Plenty of hairstyles that work for different types of hair and face shapes combine low effort and chic. If you’d prefer a refresh on your hairstyle that is a little less hard on upkeep while still looking fantastic, consider these trendy, low-maintenance hairstyles for your next salon visit.

1. Pixie Cut

When reducing hair maintenance, a bold and simple solution might be to cut most of it off. The pixie cut is timeless, with its short side length and longer top and some bangs being the most common option. With a bit of styling and a brief tousle, the pixie cut can be a perfect option for someone looking to spend little effort maintaining their hair in the mornings while still looking cool and stylish.

2. Long Bob

The long bob, or “lob,” works well for multiple hair types and face shapes, making it versatile and maintainable. For those wanting a manageable hairstyle but not so short that they lose the sensation of longer hair, the long bob may suit their needs.

The long bob is relatively easy to style with a simple blow-dry, using a curling iron or hair straightener to help add details like waves. This minimal upkeep gives the style texture, which can help you look more put together even when you don’t spend much time on it. The long bob doesn’t need much upkeep, with a recommended trim every 6-8 weeks to help keep its shape.

3. Shag Haircut

Around since the rock ‘n roll days of the 70s, the shag haircut remains a timeless low-effort look sported by music legends ranging from Joan Jett to Stevie Nicks. By building layers and different textures, the shag gives off an impression of constant movement, relying on natural hair texture with optional styling to help define the layers that give it depth.

The shag hairstyle works well for various hair types and is easily manageable at different lengths, so you’re not obligated to cut your hair short. While this style might not be for everyone, it’s hard to deny that this haircut can be an excellent low-maintenance option to help bring out your inner rebelliousness.

4. Curly Bob

If your hair is naturally curly, many low-maintenance styles may feel out of reach, but the curly bob can be a great option. This cut relies on cutting your curls down to around the length of your chin, letting you keep your curls without the fuss of longer hair.

The curly bob also allows some versatility in style, letting you choose between the casual tousled look and something more professional. All this is possible without the requirements of higher maintenance and while embracing your natural hairstyle.

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These are a few ideas to help you determine what style might work for you and whether a lower-maintenance hairstyle can help you feel revitalized. Working with a professional stylist can be a great way to help narrow down what look might fit you best while considering your face shape and hair type. Contact us today if you’re a customer looking to book an appointment or a business owner interested in leasing with us.

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