5 Easiest Hairstyles When You’re in a Hurry

5 Easiest Hairstyles When You’re in a Hurry

There’s no denying that life is busy. More often than not, you probably find yourself rushing out the door without the time to put yourself together. And yet, you likely have noticed that you feel better when you are put-together. When you feel like you look good, you tend to walk through your day with confidence and ease. To solve your problem, we have found the five easiest hairstyles you can pull off when you’re in a hurry. Master these easy hairstyles and you’ll leave the house looking flawless every day.

1. Chic Low Bun

Most women love the messy bun when they’re running errands or lounging around the house. But, a top-of-the-head messy bun doesn’t exactly look professional. That is unless you spend 30 minutes creating one of those carefully crafted “messy buns” that are actually perfect.

The solution is to go with a chic low bun instead. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, wrap your hair around into a bun, and pin it with bobby pins. You will have a professional look that takes only minutes to accomplish. As this hairstyle is quite subdued, pair it with some bright lipstick or a statement necklace to round out the look.

2. Braided Headband

A braided headband is just as it sounds; it’s when you create a braid to form a headband. This hairstyle is fun and looks impressive. And, the best part is it works on hair of any length!

First, start a braid from behind your left ear. Make a regular braid and then loosen up the edges to give the braid more volume. Close the braid with an elastic hair tie that matches your hair color. Lay the bread down across your head, forming a headband. Now, pin everything into place with bobby pins.

We recommend this hairstyle for more upbeat occasions, like dates or girls nights out.

3. Half Up Knot

The half-up knot hairstyle gives that perfect “casual but still trying” look.

To achieve this look, take two chunks of your hair from each side of the front of your head. Pull the strands back and twist them together into one long strand. Now, knot the twist like you would a piece of string. Complete the look by tucking the ends into the knot and securing everything with a bobby pin. We suggest also giving this look another step-up by using some volumizing powder on the hair that is hanging down.

This feels like a great daily go-to hairstyle as it’s so easy and appropriate for any occasion.

4. Flipped Ponytails

A flipped ponytail is one of those looks that seems complicated and impressive, but is relatively easy to do!

Start by diving your hair into three sections, with one below the other. Divide the hair: top part around the temples, middle part at ear level, and the bottom part with the rest of your hair. Now, tie them up, creating three ponytails. Flip each ponytail over itself, starting with the top one. Make a hole about the ponytail close to the elastic band and flip the ponytail up over this hole. Then, tighten up the elastic to keep the hair in place. Repeat this process with the middle ponytail but tuck the top ponytail into the hole before tightening the elastic. Lastly, repeat the process with the last ponytail, also tucking the top ponytail into the hole and tightening. Now, either roll your hair up into a bun or leave it as a ponytail.

This intricate look is great for brunch, days at the office, outings with friends!

5. Half Up, Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle is probably the trendiest on this list. Many celebrities and influencers have been seen rocking this look lately. And the best part? It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to pull off!

Simply take two strands of hair from either side of your head. Make a thing ponytail using those strands. You can choose to have this ponytail split on either side or hanging down the back.

Take this look for a casual outing where you just might want to snap a few pictures. Whether that is a bar or at the beach, we’re sure you’ll look fantastic!