5 Ways To Strengthen Your Nails

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Nails


Your fingernails are made of multiple layers of keratin. Healthy fingernails do not contain dents, pits or grooves and are smooth. Unhealthy fingernails are not uniform in color and consistency. Here are five ways you strengthen your nails and how a reputable nail salon can help.

1. Avoid Acetone

Acetone is a compound that is used as a primary ingredient in nail polish removers. It can be used to remove sticky adhesives from various surfaces, such as fingernails. There are a variety of negative health effects associated with using acetone, including:

  • Nose and throat irritation
  • Mild skin rashes
  • Mild to severe eye irritation
  • Dry, cracked skin

Alternatives to acetone include Bio-Solv and Replacetone. Bio-Solv is 100 percent biodegradable and not considered a hazardous material. Replacetone is a nonvolatile and non-flammable alternative for acetone.

2. Keep Your Nails Short

Long nails might look prettier, they can be unhealthier than short nails. Nails that long require a lot of attention and care. Longer nails get dirtier easily and prone to breakage. Long nails can harbor various germs and bacteria. Short nails are easier to maintain and clean. Nails that are short can help with the prevention of nail-biting and keep you from scratching yourself and leaving unsightly marks. When you have short nails, you’ll pay less money to get them done.

3. Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet and Use Supplements

Maintaining a well-balanced diet provides you with essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that help your body remain healthy and strong. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a B vitamin that aids with the growth of healthy nails by promoting cell growth and protein-building amino acids. The combination of biotin and rich foods can help strengthen brittle fingernails.

4. Avoid Water Exposure

Water exposure occurs when your nails are exposed to too much moisture. Excessive exposure to moisture makes your nails soft and can make them brittle. Soft nails mean they are susceptible to breakage and other damage. Prolonged exposure to moisture can result in a nail infection that causes your fingernails to go green.

5. Proper Cuticle Care

Each time you wash your hands, push your cuticles back. Trim the loose skin around your cuticles, as well as hangnails. Applying a daily moisturizer helps keeps your hands and cuticles soft. Dry cuticles are dry, hard and unhealthy. Having dry cuticles can also be painful and lead to cracked, bleeding skin.

How Can a Reputable Nail Salon Help?

A reputable nail salon can help you maintain healthy nails by performing proper cuticle care and prevent your nails from becoming brittle. Here at Imagique Salon Suites, we have certified nail technicians that are ready to make your nails healthy and beautiful. If you’re an aspiring nail tech, we have something for you too! We have desirable locations in Richardson and Plano and a plethora of benefits. Contact us to learn more about our manicure services today!