What You Need to Know About Waxing

What You Need to Know About Waxing

What you need to know about waxing

Be they women or men, removal of unwanted body hair is both a matter of fashion and personal hygiene for many people. Waxing is an inexpensive, convenient, comfortable and excellent way to deal with hair removal on the face or the body. This method removes hair from the root and keeps your body hair-free for two to eight weeks. However, you can wax depending on how quickly your hair regrows.

At Imagique Salon Suites, waxing services are carried out by beauticians with great skill and care. They make use of either cold or hot wax to pull off the hair. Waxing is not limited to the removal of unwanted hair from arms and legs. You can also have bikini waxing done to have a sexy and smooth feel. Different styles are followed for bikini waxing services which include European wax, Brazilian wax, and French wax. You can choose according to your requirements from the available choices.

Why wax?

It is an effective technique to remove a large quantity of hair at one time. Hair in waxed parts of the body takes longer to grow back. When hair is removed by depilatory cream or shaved, the hair is removed at the surface and not the root. Within three days, hair can be seen at the surface. However, with waxing, hair takes two to eight weeks to regrow.

Make sure your body is free of all products such as moisturizers, oils, and perfumes among others during your next waxing appointment as these can stop wax from adhering to your skin.

Smoother skin and softer hair

One thing women find appealing about waxing services is that when the hair begins to grow back, it is much smoother and finer than with other hair removal techniques. Waxing also leaves your skin stubble free and smooth which gives you the confidence to wear sleeveless tops or bear your legs. Also, waxing removes loose, dead skin which gives skin a healthy glow.

More men now waxing

Nowadays, more men are expressing interest in waxing their unwanted hair. Common body areas men have waxed are the mono-brow, chest and the back. However, there are those who like to wax their buttocks, legs and public areas as well. For men, waxing services can make your muscles seem more defined.

Bikini wax

Bikini wax is now popular among women. It is classified into European wax, Brazilian wax, and French wax. To perform a bikini wax, an Imagique Salon Suites beautician applies warm wax to the pubic area of a woman, puts cloth strips on top of the wax, and then pulls the cloth strips off the skin after the wax hardens, taking the pubic hair with it. If you are a wax virgin, a Bikini wax is good for you.

With the increased popularity of waxing, Imagique Salon Suites is now offering exceptional beauty treatments at an affordable price. The salon has many beauticians who offer favorably reviewed waxing services.


Waxing is safe for most parts of your body. The only exceptions are the nipples, male genitals, eyelashes, and the inside of the nose and ears. Apart from getting rid of unwanted hair, waxing also removes dead skin cells. The result of waxing is smoother skin. Always take a warm shower before waxing appointment as this will help open pores.

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