Everything you Need to Know about this Summer’s Nail Art Trends

Everything you Need to Know about this Summer’s Nail Art Trends

One thing the pandemic catapulted in the past two years is an explosion in nail art designs. However, you have not seen the limits of nail trends on this side of eternity. As Covid 19 raged on, nail art became more practical and minimal because nail parlors were not operating.

Press-on, reusable nails, and DIYs dominated the last two summer trends. If the nail art inspiration amid a pandemic is anything to go by, nothing can dampen nail trends. Summer of 2022 is lurking around the corner, and there are captivating nail designs already doing rounds.

There is no one-size-fits-all in this year’s summer trend because no one can cage art. Nail trends are a spectrum. The community of nail art lovers has minimalists and extravagant demography. Here is what to expect in this year’s summer trend from both ends of the spectrum.

Nail Art Trends for Summer

Minimalist Nail Art

Minimalism is still trending this year for its convenience and polished finish. With minimal nail art, a little goes a long way. As traffic from home to the office increases, minimalist designs keep your nails popping without drawing too much attention. Sometimes with minimalism, all it takes is a coat of nail polish and nail stickers to accomplish the look.

The rise in nail care is encouraging people to focus on nail health. Therefore, the stylistic aspect of nails entails doing the bare minimum to keep and maintain stylish nails.

Hot Pink Nails

Pink in all its hues is always excellent for spring. However, this year, hot pink is the summer trend to rock. The color is cute and fun – perfect for everything that represents summer. Hot pink is already dominating fashion runways like on the Valentino runway and is a favorite among celebrities like Camila Cabello and Rihanna in their festivities.

The Classic French Mani with a Modern Twist

French tips stemming from the DIY trend will also trend this summer. With salons opening up, this nail art will take a modern outlook. Expect to see anything other than the white strip on top of the nails.

The Smiley Face Trend

With masks now off, the happy face sticker trend is gaining momentum. The summer trend is a perfect expression of liberation after two long years of seclusion.

Clear and Jelly Nails

Clear and jelly nails are a foundation for this summer trend. They are the base for nail stickers, shimmers, rhinestones, painted nail art, and everything in between. They are also trending as translucent sculpted nails. You cannot go wrong with this summer trend – especially in creating unique designs.


The summer of 2022 is the year to rock the orange and pink neon colors. The two colors are an excellent break from fluorescent yellow. You can have both colors at a go and create eye-catching patterns or paint them individually. Whatever you do, you will still be on trend with these two colors.

Metallic Nail Art

The metallic look is all the rage right now. You can make your metal of choice shimmer or 3D paint it to give it a unique edge.

Animal Print

You can never go wrong with animal prints. The summer trend over this nail art is to have minimal animal prints on a neutral base.

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