How to Choose Eye Shadow that Completes Your Eye Color

How to Choose Eye Shadow that Completes Your Eye Color

Mastering a perfect eye look can be tricky but not impossible. The right eye shadow will bring out your eyes’ beauty and complement your complexion. An eye shadow adds dimension and depth to your eyes. It draws attention and makes eyes appear larger. Eye shadows also come in different colors and have different textures. Some are made of powder, while others can be in the form of liquid, cream, mousse, or pencil.

A color wheel helps one choose the right color and texture of eye shadow and makes your eyes pop. Additionally, it enables you to choose an eye shadow that complements your complexion and eyes. Some eyeshadow colors will enhance your eye color better than others. They will provide you with a more illuminated and brighter look. Color and texture work together to enhance the shape of your eyes. Here are beauty tips to consider when choosing an eye shadow for different eye colors.

1.  Brown Eye Color

Eye shadow colors such as warm brown, purple, or golden color shades look beautiful on people with brown eyes. They make warm brown, purple, and golden eye shadow colors make eyes pop and look great. If you have brown eyes, you can also go for cobalt, turquoise, blue, and teal eye shadows.

These colors will make your brown eyes look beautiful. Adding highlights that are golden copper will complete your look. Don’t forget to use a natural base for an even better result.

2.  Green Eye Color

Different colors like orange, gold, red, purple, and bronze colors look stunning on green eyes. The most flattering color is purple, while light copper provides a natural look during the day. Golden eye shadows are, however, great for evenings.

3.  Blue Eye Color

If you have blue eyes, the best eye shadow colors to choose are orange, silver, and golden. You can also use warmer colors like coral, bronze, and copper to make blue eyes brighter. To achieve the best look, keep the colors bright and light so they can suit your eyes. Play with different eye shadow colors and choose the one that suits your taste and the occasion.

4.  Gray Eye Color

Gray eyes can stand out when applying eye shadow colors like gold, dark charcoal, and orange. Other colors to consider are silver and black. If you have grey eyes you can go for a black  eyeshadow and add a silver eyeliner to give it extra sparkle. This type of look is great for a party.

5.  Hazel Eye Color

Eye shadow colors like purple, gold, green, and brown work well with hazel eyes. Green can also enhance your eyes instantly. Furthermore, choose two or more eye shadow colors and make your eyes pop more.

Try out purple, golden, green, and brown colors and pick the one that you like. Remember that the color you choose should match the occasion. For example, you can wear a bronze eye shadow for a daytime appearance.

The best way to enhance your beauty with eye shadows is to choose the right color that matches your eye color. Also, consider the occasion and time before applying an eye shadow. Some colors are best for parties. Others can work well during the day.

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