Maintaining the Popular Fringe Hairstyle

Maintaining the Popular Fringe Hairstyle

The fringe hairstyle has seen a resurgence in popularity among young women. The style, first made popular in the 1970s and 1980s, is seen by some as a symbol of rebellion against traditional beauty standards. This look was also popular among the hippest and most fashion-conscious celebrities of the era. Fringe is known for its casual, easygoing nature and ability to work for women of all hair types and lengths. It is not uncommon for women with a fringe to also sport a bangs cut, meaning a shorter length that frames their face.

Maintaining this hairstyle can be challenging, but the return on investment is immense. Aside from looking stylish, the fringe can serve to frame your face, add a touch of drama to your look. This hairstyle also draws attention away from any unwanted areas. In addition, the fringe can be a style statement, as the hair growth is merely a declaration that you are not the average run-of-the-mill girl. 

Products to Keep It Looking Fresh

Hair products will be your best friend. Use a heat-protectant and anti-frizz product before applying anything else to your hair. Avoid products that contain sulfates, a preservative and common cause of hair breakage. Try an anti-frizz product with a mix of protein and silicone as an alternative. Adding this to your regimen once in a while will give your fringe that shiny, textured look. Additionally, try a shampoo that has moisturizing agents rather than harsh detergents.

A Blowout Brush is Your Best Friend

To keep your hair nice and soft, you should avoid using a blow dryer and instead use a blowout brush. This all-in-one tool will add volume and help your hair stay in place, all while giving the illusion of getting a professional blowout. Not to mention, the blowout brush reduces styling time, allowing mobility.

Use Dry Shampoo

Try using dry shampoo to achieve a more even and voluminous hair look. The secret to dry shampoo is that it can completely eliminate the need to wash your hair. No more having to wait for wet hair to dry. To achieve the best look, apply the dry shampoo to the root of the hair, then comb your hair to distribute the product thoroughly. A good dry shampoo will give your hair a clean, fresh scent and will give the illusion of fully styled hair.

Embrace The Volume

Especially for curly haired individuals, embracing the volume with volume-enhancing products can help you get the look and feel of naturally curly hair without the frizzy texture. “Curly hair is so fun,” says Elaine Young, celebrity hair stylist for celebrities including Kim Kardashian West, Gigi Hadid, and Zendaya. “It’s such a wild texture, a sexy texture. But there is an art to it.”  Just by embracing your natural curls, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to get the effortless and playful look. The whole point of the fringe hairstyle is to give a wispy and fun feel, therefore perfection isn’t the goal.

Velcro Rollers

Sleeping in velcro hair rollers is the best bet for saving time, as well as protecting your hair from harmful heat. Apply the rollers on damp to dry hair before sleeping, and wake up to a natural, volumized fringe. 

If you are eager to sport the fringe hairstyle, it is worth seeking the advice of a professional stylist to help you achieve the perfect look. Book an appointment at Imagique Salon Suites, and indulge yourself with the help of professionals.