Natural Ways to Grow Out Your Hair

Natural Ways to Grow Out Your Hair

Whether you’re a wig diva, extension queen or another type of hair goddess, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to properly care for your natural hair. Here’s what you need to know about natural hair growth and hair care to get the fresh salon look you desire.

Regular Trimming

Regularly trimming your hair enhances its appearance and texture, as well as improves growth. Trimming your hair also promotes healthier hair by removing split ends. Damaged hair causes breakage, which results in severely damaged hair follicles that can become excessively dry and brittle. Once you have split ends, there’s no way to repair them, so trimming them is the only option. Heat damage, like split ends, is irreversible, so it’s best to trim the hair. Styling agents, such as blow dryers and hair straighteners are the culprit for heat damage. When you trim your hair, you will notice that it is easier to style and it looks thicker.


There are different vitamin supplements that aid with hair growth, such as vitamins, A, B, C, D, E and K. Of the B vitamins, biotin stands out the most. It makes your hair stronger and improves its shine. This essential B vitamin aids with the production of protein, and your hair is over 95 percent protein.

Scalp Care

A healthy scalp is required for healthy hair growth. Maintaining a healthy scalp can help with the prevention of pattern hair loss. Your scalp is more sensitive than your skin because it contains more hair follicles and sebaceous sweat glands. A change in diet, hormone levels and sun exposure can aggravate your scalp, which can lead to breakage. In some situations, your hair can fall out.

Use Cold Water to Wash Your Hair

There’s a major debate whether you should use cold or hot water to wash your hair. Cold water is the winner. Using warm water while rinsing your hair might be relaxing, but it won’t provide much benefit for your hair. A cold water rinse helps eliminate dandruff and reduces frizz. Cold water rinses also improve blood circulation to your scalp. Making such a drastic change in your hair care routine might not be appealing. It’s okay to take baby steps to help you make the complete change.

Use a Microfiber Towel

Allowing your hair to air dry is often out of the question. Microfiber towels play more of a significant role in your hair’s health than you might realize. Drying your natural hair without damage requires a microfiber towel or towel that is of the same or higher quality. One perk of using microfiber towels to dry natural hair is less frizz. Microfiber material is smooth and creates little to no friction on your hair. If you have a curly hair pattern (type three or four), the microfiber material soothes your hair cuticles.

If you’ve used cotton terry towels to dry your hair, you’re familiar with snags and lint. Cotton terry towels have tiny loops that allow your hair to become intertwined, causing you to pull your hair to free it from the towel. Lint also gets left behind when you’re drying your hair with cotton terry material. Microfiber towels can absorb water from your hair without causing excessive dryness and dries your hair quickly.

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