Our Super Secret Tips for Healthier, Stronger Nails

Our Super Secret Tips for Healthier, Stronger Nails

We’ve encountered many customers with brittle nails. Brittle fingernails seem to chip and split at the worst times, putting manicures and pedicures at risk. Also, healthy nails aren’t solely for aesthetics; nail health is a good indicator of overall health. If you want to improve your nails’ health, we’ll cover that in the paragraphs below.

Don’t Soak Your Hands in Water Too Long

Soaking your nails in water is out-of-date. It serves no purpose other than ruining your manicure and compromising your nails’ health in the long run. Nails are highly porous and retain water for up to 24 hours. Thus, consistently soaking your nails lets harsh chemicals in the soap and tap water seep into your cuticles and weaken your nails. 

If you soak your nails, we recommend that you stop doing so. Activities like washing dishes will submerge your hands for long periods. To protect your nails, we implore you to wear gloves. Over time, you’ll preserve your cuticles and nails’ current condition.

Drink More Water

About 60% of the human body is water. Constant dehydration poses a great threat to your nails and overall health. After all, Arlington Dermatology says that about 18% of a healthy person’s nail plate is water. If the moisture level drops below this mark, your nails become weak and brittle. To avoid this, you’ve simply got to increase your water intake. 

According to Mayo Clinic, men are advised to drink about 3.7 liters a day while women should drink about 2.7 liters.  However, these numbers are subject to change according to several factors, e.g. BMI, activity level, etc.

Apply Leftover Lotion on Your Nails

Many people may not know, but one of the easiest ways to combat brittle nails is moisturizing your nails. Water doesn’t work as an effective moisturizer because it evaporates and leaves the nail plate drier than it initially was. Lotion offers longer-lasting protection from air and water, which damage your nail plate.

If you’d rather not use lotion, you can soak your nails in bath or olive oil. If your nails are particularly brittle, soak them in oil, wipe them off and rub your nails with a coat of lotion to lock in all the extra moisture.

Go Without Nail Polish for a While

As we mentioned earlier, your nails are porous, and they’re also breathable. Although manicured nails look impressive, wearing gel polish for long periods may cause severe brittleness and dry up your nails. Many nail polishes also contain formaldehyde, a preservative which – according to Harvard Health – is a cancer-causing substance. Also, when you remove your nail polish, use an acetone-free remover. Afterwards, rock your nails polish-free for a week or two.

Change Up Your Diet

Nail health is linked very closely to nutrition. Your nails are made from keratin, a fibrous protein that’s also your hair’s main component. Many nutrients have a positive effect on your nails. However, the following foods are consistently mentioned as the best sources of the vitamins and minerals you need:


  • Lean Meats – Your nails are made up of proteins. The protein found in meats isn’t only beneficial for muscle growth; they’re essential to nail growth.
  • Fruits, Berries & Leafy Greens – Fruits & leafy greens are chock full of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells – especially those in your nails – against damage from free radicals.
  • Nuts & Seeds – Nuts and seeds are rich in zinc & Vitamin B6. Biotin, a nutrient hailed for its positive effect on hair and nail growth, is part of the B complex of vitamins that helps the body metabolize fats & protein.
  • Salmon –  In addition to this fish’s protein, salmon has a lot of vitamin D in it. Vitamin D helps your body regulate its calcium levels, reducing the risk of your nails peeling and chipping.



Being well informed is at the core of great nail care. If you want your nails to receive the absolute best care they can get, make an appointment with us here at Imagique.