Simple Customer Care Tips to Boost Your Salon’s Business

Simple Customer Care Tips to Boost Your Salon’s Business

Nothing is more disheartening than going to a salon with horrible customer service. Subpar customer service can be off-putting, making clients hesitant to return – even if the salon meets all their clients’ requests. As quality service being one of the foremost principles in this line of business, we thought it was only right to share some of the customer care principles we use daily.

Smile Early & Often

In our salon, we believe that good customer care starts before they’re even sitting in our chairs. More importantly, welcoming people into your salon with a smile helps them feel comfortable, and does wonders for your business’ first impression. Although it is a simple gesture, smiling initiates trust and is often seen as an open invitation to patronize your business. Smiles communicate your staff’s passion for their work, and they can enhance the exchange of information, goods and services. So, smile more. Think of it as your business’s pledge to offer the best service it can every time.

Use Reliable Communication Mediums & CRMs

In this digital age, businesses have various mediums to communicate with customers. Let organization and reliability dictate which means you use to communicate with clients. You’re welcome to keep in contact with clients via text and social media. If you do that, we recommend setting up business-only accounts or using separate phones for work. This practice helps ensure clear, efficient communication with customers.

We recommend salons implement CRM (customer relationship management) software. CRM’s customer service benefits lie in these tools’ data collection abilities. With the customer data you gain on CRMs, you can craft personalized customer messaging that features clients’ birthdays, anniversaries, and service preferences. Using this tool humanizes the brand because it shows an attention to detail that most companies don’t. Remember, it’s the little things that count.

Offer Loyalty Programs & Complimentary Services

In all relationships, there must be some give & take. There must be balance. It’s a customer’s prerogative to patronize any business they see fit. Customer loyalty is increasingly rare, so If they consistently choose your business, that is something to value.

To capitalize loyalty, you should encourage repeat business. It’s a clear indicator to customers that you value their patronage and are looking for ways to give them more value for their money. One common tactic is coupling loyalty programs with complimentary services. For example, a salon could give a customer a discount on a particular nail color on their 10th visit, and then offer a different perk on the 20th visit and so on.

Spur Positive Engagement with Your Customers Online

Some CRMs let you manage how you interact with your customers. If you don’t use a CRM, you’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way. You’ll have to keep tabs on your notifications and what your clients post about you online. We recommend that salons hire staff with social media proficiency or outsource their social media management to capable individuals.

Having positive engagement online and spreading the word about it can positively impact your business’s first impression, and it entices your staff to do what they can to uphold this high standard. It’s social proof in action. Even when things aren’t going right, social media can reap huge dividends for your business’ customer care. For instance, if an unhappy customer is voicing their disappointment online, you can engage in a private or public conversation to resolve their issue. We only recommend doing either of these things in a timely manner because social media is extremely fast-paced.

If you want a salon where you’re always treated with the care and respect you deserve, Imagique Salon’s experienced staff, who go above and beyond the call of duty to do so. Hurry now and make an appointment with us today!