Small Salon Suites. Are They Worth the Hassle?

Small Salon Suites. Are They Worth the Hassle?

Independent hairstylists, barbers, and estheticians who wish to start their businesses without the high overhead costs are increasingly turning to small salon suites. 

Today, we will explore the advantages of small salon suites and argue that, despite their challenges, they offer unique opportunities for salon owners to experiment with new concepts and offer personalized services. 

In the following paragraphs, we will examine the challenges of small salon suites, discuss their advantages, and finally provide recommendations for how owners can optimize their space and services. Let’s start with the advantages.

Increased Profitability

We’ve said it before – business owners often opt for smaller salon suites to minimize overhead costs. In most cases, well-run small salons turn a profit easier than larger salons that are equally well-managed. This often boils down to bigger salons needing higher rent payments and higher wage bills for their large staff. In addition, small salon suites’ utility bills are usually lower. It’s also easier to reinvest in the business when you’ve profited from years of low overhead costs.

More Individuality

Small salon suites give you greater control over the ambiance, decor, and overall environment of the space. You can create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere tailored to your ideal client’s preferences. Furthermore, a smaller space makes it easier to create a cohesive aesthetic. If you have a large space, achieving cohesiveness might mean spending more on furniture or picking drab and monotonous styles.

More Intimacy

As a stylist in a small salon suite, you can concentrate on your clients better with fewer distractions and interruptions from other stylists and salon activities. The ability to provide your clients with your undivided attention often leads to better customer service, more tailored consultations, and ultimately, more satisfied clients. A small salon suite helps provide a private and exclusive space for stylists and their clients.

Let’s now focus on some of the drawbacks of smaller salon suites.

Limited Space

One of the main drawbacks of a small salon suite is the limited space available. As a result, you may not be able to provide certain services, such as spa treatments or appointments for large groups. It’s also worth noting that a small suite may not provide the space you need to expand your business or diversify your services.

Lack of Scalability

To reiterate an earlier point, small suites don’t leave much room for growth. They have clear and definite limitations when it comes to scaling your business. If you’re thinking about growing your business, hiring additional staff, or providing a broader range of services, a small salon suite may not be sustainable long-term. It may be necessary to relocate to a larger space or adopt a new business model to accommodate expansion.

Resources & Amenities

A small salon suite often has fewer amenities and resources than a larger salon suite. Everyone has to take on a little bit more responsibility in smaller salons. As a business owner, you may have to handle your inventory, cleaning, and reception. workload. Additionally, you may not have access to shared facilities like break areas, laundry services, or larger equipment that is commonly found in a traditional, larger salon environment.


Choosing your salon suite’s size will impact everything about your service offering. However, it offers an intriguing set of benefits that any hairdresser should explore. We have enjoyed success with suites of all sizes. We achieve this through our commitment to top-tier customer service and constant improvement. If you would like to rent a small salon suite with us, click here.