Summer 2022 Makeup Trends You Should Try

Summer 2022 Makeup Trends You Should Try

Summer is known to be the most vibrant season of all. It brings out a sense of playfulness, whether that be in our outfits or makeup routines. Every season prompts new changes to our look, and each summer brings its own set of trends. Feel free to incorporate any of these summer 2022 trends into your summer looks this season.

The Faux Burnt Look

This look gives your face a pop of color for a play on the typical sunkissed look. Sunburns don’t usually give off a “sexy” vibe, however, the key to this look is moderation and subtlety. This look has been all the rave on social media, and you won’t have to skip on sunscreen to get the rosy look you’re going for.

Adding some blush under your eyes and on the apples of your cheeks will help you mimic sunburnt skin with a glowy feel. Cream blushes are the perfect product to achieve this look with a dewy essence, and they come in several different hues. Add this step to your everyday summer makeup routine and embrace a bit of color. 

Nude, Glossy Lips

Sometimes there’s no substitute for elegance and simplicity, and nude lipsticks are proof of that. If you know which shade works for your complexion, the next part is easy. To get those shiny, natural lips, you’ll need to pair that lipstick with some liner and lip gloss. Together, these three products can make your lips look much fuller, while maintaining a natural feel. Simply line your line slightly above your lips’ natural shape, apply a nude shade of lipstick that compliments your skin tone, then finish off with a gloss, and you have the perfect trio.

Bronze, Copper Looks

There’s no better time to work on your tan than the summer. Nothing screams “summer’s here” like beautiful, bronzed makeup does. Bronzer is the perfect summer staple to achieve a bronzed look without having to sacrifice skin protection. Choose from a matte loose powder, or a cream glowy bronzer to best suit the look you’re going for. Bronzer goes a long way, but picking a glow-friendly foundation makes for a perfect combination.

Inner Corner Pop

The inner corner pop has become one of the biggest summer makeup trends. It’s just as its name implies; it’s a splash of color applied to your eye’s inner corner. You can make these ‘pops’ with eyeshadow or eyeliner. Some people pair it with additional eye makeup, while others prefer to wear it alone. If you want to make a statement, you can go with neon yellows, blues or fluorescent pink. Though, for a more natural take, we recommend applying a white or cream shimmer to the inner corner to highlight your eyes natural color.

If you need any assistance with your summer makeup looks, Imagique Salon’s experienced staff will take the time out to craft your look just the way you want it. Hurry now and make an appointment with us today!