The 4 Different Hair Types

The 4 Different Hair Types

Knowing your hair type is the first step towards achieving voluminous and beautiful hair that you’ve always longed for. It also enables you to adopt an ideal hair care regime. Generally, your follicle type plays a significant part in forming wavy, coily, straight, or curly hair types. Genetics also determines your hair type, although you can alter the pattern with chemicals or heat in a hair salon.

Read on for more insights about hair types:

Type 1: Straight

If your hair lacks natural curl and falls flat from the roots to the tip, you have straight hair. It’s also the most resilient and hard to damage. Type 1 hair is also oily since the natural oils can easily cot the entire strand. Although it’s easy to care for, it has less volume, making it hard to style. Therefore, visiting a hair salon would be the best option.

Type 2: Wavy

Type 2 hair is not entirely curly and not straight. The spectrum of wavy hair ranges from loose loops to coarse and thick S-shaped waves with some curls. It has a flatter root texture, lays close to your head, and gets curlier from the ears down.

There are three types of wavy hair:

  • 2A wavy hair has stretched S-waves with gentle tousled texture, bringing out a beachy hair look. However, it also lacks definition and volume. You can have a shoulder-length cut at a hair salon to make it more manageable.
  • 2B hair type is straight mainly at the roots and has a more defined S-shape wave from the mid-length. The texture is somewhat medium and has some frizz at the crown. The waves tend to adhere to your head’s shape, but you can make them manageable with the right hair products.
  • Type 2C has more defined waves that start at the roots. Its texture is coarse or thick, with the S-wave forming tight curls. You will mostly receive compliments on a good hair day, but the waves are also prone to frizzing.

Type 3: Curly

If your hair is voluminous with S- or Z-shaped strands, it’s curly hair. You can have tight spirals or loose ringlets. It can be challenging to manage, but you don’t have to wash it daily because it’s drier than straight hair.

  • 3A has big S-shaped spiral curls that form loose loops. However, brushing type 3A can wreck its definition, leading to a frizzy mane.
  • 3B consists of springy ringlet curly hair. Also, the curls aren’t too delicate or too thick. It’s easy to maintain your picture-perfect curls with the right moisturizing product.
  • 3C has tight corkscrew curls that are springy to bring out that bouncy hair. However, the curls are a little bit coarse, but you can soften them with the right products.

Type 4: Coily

Coily hair has very tight coils that follow a Z pattern. It’s typically spongy and dry in texture and can also feel soft or wiry, and coarse. The strands form tight and small curls from your scalp and are prone to breakage.

Other coily hair textures include:

  • Type 4A coily hair appears wiry and has a fine texture. It has tightly coiled S-curls making it have a thick appearance. Some people prefer to keep it in a natural form, but styling it keeps it moisturized.
  • 4B has tight coils with a Z-pattern and densely packed strands. It’s soft to the touch and varies in thickness, but it’s also fragile.
  • 4C is almost similar to 4B but has tightly coiled strands and Z-shaped curls, forming a kind of an afro. Some people opt to leave it in its natural form, but it’s also prone to shrinkage and dryness.

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