The Hottest Tips for a No-Makeup, Makeup Look this Spring & Summer

The Hottest Tips for a No-Makeup, Makeup Look this Spring & Summer

With the current beauty trends, the no-makeup vibes are here to stay. No-makeup, makeup is when you wear a small amount of makeup that gives you a look as if you didn’t use any makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

To create an admirable no-makeup makeup look, you need to focus on products with lighter formulas. The minimalist makeup technique only requires you to cover areas of concern and accentuate specific areas of the face like your eyes and lips. Don’t forget to stick to the steps of creating a perfect non-make makeup look.

The beautiful and natural no-makeup makeup look is simple to create. However, it can be a bit complex when trying to perfect your own personal routine. Remember that the crucial aspect of a no-makeup makeup look is hydrating the skin and priming it with fresh and clean moisturizers, serums and primers.

Now let’s dive into how you can achieve a No-makeup makeup look for warmer months:

Prepare the Skin

In preparing your skin for a no-makeup makeup look, you need to hydrate it adequately. A moisturized and supple skin is perfect for applying layers of products. Therefore, you need to make your face smooth and soft using hydrating substances for the makeup to have last all day, even in the heat.

Apply a Light Foundation

Foundation is a classic beauty cult that makes it easy for you to start up minimalist makeup. Buff a small amount of foundation or skin tint onto the skin – preferably with SPF – and spread it around in a circular manner. This technique will give your skin flawless coverage and a non-makeup feel even before you’re done with the process.

Applying foundation to your skin is also important because it makes your skin appear healthier and creates an even finish. You might also need a perfecting mineral to ensure that the foundation lasts longer. Choose the perfect products for you, with the help of makeup professionals at your local Imagique Salon.

 Highlight the Facial Features and Bronze

After perfecting the skin and creating a makeup foundation, you need a bronzer or highlighter. Add bronzer to the areas that can be bronzed naturally and highlighter on the top-most regions of the face where the sun’s intensity is high to create an incredible luminous look.

A cream product makes everything used on the face blend and gives a more natural finish than powders. Gently apply these products to temples and cheekbones with a light hand in order to achieve the most natural look.

Make the Eyes Prominent

Notably, it would be best if you had a natural-colored eyeshadow pallet in order to make the color of your eyes pop. Afterward, you can use Mascara to make the eyelashes thicker and long-lasting.

Natural-looking lashes are important if you want a vivid look without harsh contrast. The step of accentuating the eyes is not difficult. You only need to focus more on emphasizing the neutral features of the eyes with a couple easy-to-use products.

Finish with Lips

To pull a no-makeup makeup look together, you need to offer a fine touch to the lips. Use the moisturizing products with subtle color to enhance the appearance of your lips and make them appear natural.

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