The Most Popular Hair Extensions to Shop Right Now

The Most Popular Hair Extensions to Shop Right Now

Hair is one of the significant beauty features you can play with to create different looks for different occasions. As such, it’s easier to create what you want depending on the mood, season, or event you are in. Using hair extensions, you can achieve this by adding instant length, volume, or body to your natural hair. Whether you want the pricier natural human hair, synthetic hair, or both, the market has you covered.

It is a tasking to navigate the ever-growing haircare industry and find the perfect fit. Especially when shopping online, it is easy to find yourself in the ‘what I got versus what I ordered’ scenario. Therefore, this article will help you avoid this eventuality by outlining the most popular hair extensions worth your consideration.

Bellami Hair

You have heard of this household name if you are a hair enthusiast. Bellami perfectly mimics the real born-with-hair best out of all hairextension options. The quality offered is insanely good since it is REMY human hair 100 percent. This means all the cuticles are intact and facing the same direction. Additionally, they have high-quality synthetic hair with top-tier stranding. Therefore, Bellami hair covers every styling need, from clip-ins, ponytails, and bangs to tape-in and sew-in. To top it off, it has a wide assortment of colors that match everyone’s needs and style. Bellami hair also quickly adds length and volume, perfect for a quick style change.

Indique Hair

The other most renowned hairextension in the beauty industry worth your consideration is Indique hair. Its reputation basis is the fact that its hair undergoes quality assurance. Additionally, the hair is natural, unprocessed human hair with variations in clips, wigs, bulk, and wafted hair. Therefore, it’s easy to find your preferable shade, style, and texture in their stores across the country, where clients experience VIP treatment. Its great addition is that you can curl, blow-dry, or set your Indique hair extension since it’s perfectly sewn.


With a wide array of hair types and textures, it is hard to find the best hairextension for your hair. But worry not, Kinkistry is filling the market void for tighter textured hair. They offer an array of ponytails, clip-ins, bundles, wigs, and lace fronts in seven different curl patterns from 2B to 4C. Additionally, Kinkistry is 100 percent virgin hair that will serve you for a long time if you treat it right. Since the brand is owned and operated by black women, the quality is top-notch, and you support a double minority-owned venture.

Boho Locs

Have you been envisioning yourself, but you cannot bring yourself to commit to their long timeline and permanent status? Then there is a solution for you. Boho locks are synthetic handmade Kanekalon hair in faux locs design. These locs crochet into a ready cornrow line base which maintains your hair for the duration you will have them. Additionally, Boho locs are light; they help you with natural haircare by not pulling the edges. Boho Locs are available in various colors, lengths, and twists, giving you an array of options. Topping off these significant advantages is that you can keep them up to 12 weeks.


The beauty industry has diversified haircare options that leave you beautiful. Most importantly, the available options offer you the advantage of styling them to your liking. Therefore, if you are a hairextension enthusiast, Get in touch with us (214) 390-3036 for more information.