Tips to Grow Your Hair Thicker

Tips to Grow Your Hair Thicker


A lot of people, more so ladies, long for a thick, gorgeous hair. Other people are opting to use Weaves and hair extensions to give them a chance to have thicker hair.

But did you know there are natural ways that are a lot less expensive, to develop a thick, glossy hair? If not, sit back and read on to learn some natural tips to grow your hair thicker.

What causes hair thinning?

Hormonal Imbalances– they occur as a result of obesity, stress, irregular menstrual cycles, and Menopause.

Pollution– dust, and dirt dehydrate hair follicles causing them to break and fall off.

Stress– it not only makes the hair thin but also damages your emotional health.

Genetics– one has chances of losing hair if his/her family has a history of baldness.

Poor feeding– deficiency of vitamins and minerals e.g. iron, and/or magnesium may affect one’s hair.

Genetics – If your family has a history of baldness, there are chances that you might suffer from it too.

How to make your hair thicker

  • Avoid use of hair products with chemicals

It is advisable you use hair products that have more natural extracts e.g. aloe vera or contains fewer chemicals. In the market, a lot of hair products promise glossy hair to the consumer. Always remember not all products are real.

  • Look after your scalp

Good care of your scalp creates a superb environment for the growth of your hair. Always massage your scalp to relax tension in the blood veins and muscles. You can use the following procedure: warm some coconut oil. Massage your scalp in a circular motion using your fingertips a couple of minutes then leave it overnight and wash it in the morning.

  • The Use of Heat Styling Tools should not be regular.

To thicken your hair and make it stronger you should not only try Natural styling methods for instance braid and plait but also ensure you do not tie your hair too tight.

Limit yourself from using styling tools for instance blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons because they make your weak and dry making it more prone to damage.

  • Combing your hair

Always comb your Hair in a gentle manner. Ensure the hair is dry when combing. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle it and always avoid metal and plastic combs/brushes when combing your hair.

You are also advised to always comb your hair only twice in a day that is in the morning and in the evening to avoid weakening and breakage of the hair.

  • The right way to wash and dry your hair

For strong and thick hair, avoid the use of hot water when washing your hair because it dries it. Use cold water.

Also, avoid washing your hair with a shampoo every day. The major reason is that when you do so, you will be preventing the scalp from producing a natural oil that is essential for your hair nourishment.

To dry your wet hair, you are advised to tap it lightly with a towel and leave it open to dry naturally without touching it. If you want it to dry fast, then you can sit under the sun or fan for a short time.

  • Take a balanced diet

Always eat a balanced diet with more protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, and magnesium. Remember your hair shows what you eat.

Bonus Tip

Do not forget conditioning your hair by keeping it hydrated and the ultimate thing keeps stress at bay because it affects the health of your hair.

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