Tips When Grooming Your Eyebrows at Home

Tips When Grooming Your Eyebrows at Home

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There are undoubtedly many lessons to carry from the pandemic. Among them is that having some self-care skills is helpful when seeing a professional is not an option.

In particular, eyebrow grooming is a crucial skill to have because your eyebrows are focal points on your face. Bushy eyebrows are beautiful and trendy. But, walking around with overgrown arches may have you looking ‘wild.’

The following tips can help you keep your eyebrows looking beautiful and well-maintained from the comfort of your home.

Top Eyebrow Grooming Tips

1. Opt to Tweeze Than Wax or Thread

Tweezing is easier to do by yourself than threading or waxing. The reason is that you have better control of a tweezer and can direct it the marked hairs with ease. So, opt for tweezers for your at-home eyebrow grooming.

2. Tweeze After a Warm Shower

Plucking your eyebrow hairs with tweezers can be painful. But, that often is the case when you tweeze the hairs when your skin is firm and dry. The less painful way is to tweeze while your skin is damp and warm after a warm shower.

The warm water opens up your follicles, making it easier for the hair to come off. Alternatively, some people take pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication 30 minutes earlier to alleviate any pain and inflammation.

3. Pluck the Least Amount of Hair Possible

The golden rule for at-home eyebrow grooming is to remove the least amount of hair possible. The reason is that once you pluck off too much, you cannot place them back.

So, to avoid overplucking your brows, get your brow pencil and draw the lines indicating your desired eyebrow shape. Then, only take off the hair beyond those lines and get the hair off very minimally. Be especially careful with the top of the brow because it determines the shape of your arches.

4. Your Eyebrows Should Align With the Shape of Your Face

Another important eyebrow-grooming rule is to ensure that the arches align with your face shape. You can use your brow pencil to do it by marking the start, arch, and end of your eyebrows.

For example, the eyebrows should start at the beginning of your nostril. To mark this point, hold the pencil vertically against your nose bridge and on the top of your nostril. Use the pencil to mark this beginning point.

To find your arch point, lay the pencil on your nose tip and angle it across your eye pupil. Mark that point on your eyebrow.

To find the end, place the pencil at an angle against the ends of your eye and nose. Put a mark on the point where the pencil ends.

Next, use the brow pencil and the three points to trace your eyebrow outline. Only pluck the hairs outside the eyebrow outline.

5. Have Good Lighting

A critical thing to check before you pick your tweezers is that your lighting is excellent. If you cannot see what you are plucking, you could end up plucking everything. So, ensure that you are in a well-lit room, and always opt for natural lighting because it gives more clarity.

6. Avoid the Scissors

Although the stylist uses scissors to trim the overgrown eyebrow hairs, please don’t attempt it. You do not have the side angle the stylist uses, and you could end up cutting the hairs too deep. Doing so would alter the shape of your eyebrows and undo your whole look.

If some brow hairs are not aligning or keep popping, use a brush and shaping gel to lay them down. Then, book an appointment to have the job done correctly.

In Closing

With the above tricks, you can maintain your eyebrows at home with ease. But, if you run into problems or have any doubts, it’s best to put away your tweezers. Wait until when you can see a professional.

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