Top 8 Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair

Top 8 Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair

There are different ways you can damage your hair, and you might not realize it. These eight bad habits that are damaging your hair and you need to stop these habits immediately.

1. Shampooing and Conditioning

There is a correct and incorrect way to shampoo and condition your hair. If you’re like most people, you pay attention to certain details on the shampoo bottle but fail to consider your hair type. It’s important to wash your hair on a schedule. Washing your hair too much or not washing it enough can cause your hair to appear stringy and become greasy.

2. Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing your hair when it’s wet is not the same as brushing your hair when it’s dry. Your hair is the weakest when it’s wet. Brushing wet hair promotes split ends and hair breakage. If you have curly, wavy or coiled hair (type 2a, 3a and 4a), it’s not uncommon for your hair to become tangled. Instead of brushing your hair while it’s wet, use a wide-tooth comb called a detangling comb. A leave-in conditioner is great to use unless it makes your hair too oily.

3. Heat/Styling Tools

There are different tools you can use to style your hair, but styling tools that require heat, such as curling irons and blow dryers, can cause your hair to become excessively dry due to overheating your hair’s cuticles. Using styling tools that require heat on hair that is already damaged causes more damage by making your hair brittle, which can eventually cause your hair to break off completely.

4. Certain Hair Ties

Hair ties that are not elastic easily become tangled in your hair and removing them can become a serious issue. Using hair ties that are not elastic can break off your hair and become stuck to the point they have to be cut out of your hair.

5. Avoiding Hair Trims

Avoiding trimming your hair stunts your hair’s growth. When you get your trimmed, you can remove split ends, which means less breakage. The hairstyles you get look better, and detangling your hair is easier. Trimming the ends of your hair gives you fuller, thicker hair.

6. Eating Unhealthy

Eating a lot of unhealthy foods, such as those associated with high saturated fat content, could lead to hair loss and a variety of other unwanted hair related issues. Eating healthy not only aids with hair growth, but it also helps with your overall well-being. Eating foods that are high in saturated fats Consuming foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids such as mackerel, salmon and walnuts help improve your hair’s density and decrease hair loss.

7. Showering with Hot Water

Showering with hot water is a personal preference, but using it to wash your hair can burn your hair and your scalp. You should only use warm water when you are shampooing your hair, not rinsing or conditioning your hair.

8. Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles pull your hair out from the root, especially around the edges of your hair. Wearing tight hairstyles causes hair loss and causes your hair to become stressed and weak from pulling it too tight.

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