Trendy Nails For Spring 2021

Trendy Nails For Spring 2021

Nails are an important part of beauty and accessorization. Besides the various nail types available, there are also hundreds of designs and colors that help spice things up and give you the perfect look. 2020 became a great year for people to try out different nail colors and trends, and 2021 is the best time to rock these trendy nail designs. Here are the top nail trends for spring 2021.


As mentioned above, there are tons of colors to choose from when it comes to nail trends and accessorizing. However, there are specific colors that top spring 2021 trends.

  • Emerald Green

This is a unique and elegant nail color to rock in spring 2021. The color is not shiny or bright but is chic enough to attract attention. This nail color can refresh any look and goes with most colors.

  • Light Pink

If you are looking for a classic expensive look, then light pink is the color for you. This color is bright but does not shout like deeper pinks. The trick to rocking light pink nails is to find the perfect nail design and shape if you are going for acrylics. If you are doing natural hair, you need to find the perfect shade of light pink that will fit your nail shape and size and compliment your look.

  • Periwinkle

This is one of the trickier nail colors to rock, but if you nail it perfectly, you can pull off a casual and chilled-out look. Periwinkle is a shade that’s somewhere between violet and blue.

  • Shades of Brown

There are very many shades of brown to choose from, but the good thing is that they rarely disappoint. Most celebrities and fashion stylists go for shades of brown that match their skin tone to achieve a neutral look. Whether you are looking to attend a concert or pitch an idea at the office on Monday, any shade of brown that goes with your skin tone will do the job perfectly.


Besides colors, there are also several nail designs you can choose from. You might need to visit a good salon suite however to get your nails done perfectly.

  • Indie Nails

Indie nails require a good splash of experience to use — they’re small-batch designs and colors that give your nails a unique look. These let your personality truly shine through as you can select designs that speak to your interests.

  • Different Shapes

Beauty is an art form, so you can be as creative as you want. It all depends on your motivation and resources. You can choose to do your nails in whichever shape from oval, square, round, pointed, or squoval.

  • Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are usually long, but the shape looks amazing on short nails as well. They are more or less flat or square at the top rather than pointed but need lots of care as they easily break on the edges.

  • At Home

At-home nails are the easiest to rock and maintain. As the name suggests, at-home nail design allows you to go about your house chores and errands easily compared to long pointy or coffin nails and acrylics. As long as they are neat and well-shaped, you can rock at-home nails throughout the year.

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