Why Nectar Blonde is the color of 2022

Why Nectar Blonde is the color of 2022

Dark and brown hair shades are very common during winter. As fashion grows, new hair trends are also becoming popular. Nectar Blonde is a trending hair color many women are adopting as spring approaches. Unlike the winter brunette nuances, this hair trend is brighter.

Nectar Blonde is more expensive than other hair shades but worth the money. There are several reasons why this hair color is becoming a trend this year. Here is an overview of some key things motivating many women to go for Nectar Blonde color.

It is a Bright Hair Shade

Nectar Blonde is a bright hair color that can boost your beauty. Applying this hair shade will make you enjoy being feminine and boost your believability. The shade is creamy and dreamy, making it shiny and bright during the spring.

The warm and luxurious tones of Nectar Blonde also make them this year’s hair color. These tones highlight through the hairs, making them unique and attractive. Like other hair shades, Nectar Blonde beauty also depends on your care. Warm vanilla cream is the best product for maintaining this hair color.

Nectar Blonde maintenance is not very complex. The warmer and softer tones of these hair shades make their maintenance easier. You don’t have to incur extreme costs purchasing expensive hair maintenance products.

It is Long-Lasting

Every woman loves hair color that does not fade quickly. The spring is a warm season, with a bit of sun heat. With Nectar Blonde, you don’t have to worry about the rising temperatures. Faded hair color looks unattractive and can lower your self-esteem when in the company of friends.

The fact that Nectar Blonde is long-lasting will also save you some cash. Replacing your hair color every now and then is expensive. With this hair shade, you will save the money you’d spend replacing brunette nuances.

It Covers Gray Hair

Not all hair shades cater to all age groups. Dark hair shades, for instance, don’t favor old people with gray hair. Currently, people in all age gaps are adopting Nectar Blonde. Whether your hair is gray, brown, or dark, Nectar Blonde will create the best uniformity.
Gray hair results from aging or certain health problems in young people. Nectar Blonde covers gray hair without any side effects. So, you don’t have to worry about your gray hair getting damaged by this hair shade.

It Doesn’t Have Chemicals

Many hair colors and dyes have chemical properties that affect hair growth and health. Ammonia, sulfate, and other chemicals get absorbed in the hair roots. Apart from affecting the hair, they also cause skin problems.

Nectar Blonde is not only attractive but also safe. The hair shade contains natural ingredients to protect and suit the tone of your skin. Chemical products weaken and fade the hair, deteriorating its overall quality. Nectar Blonde will protect your hair from becoming frizzy, greasy, and breaking easily because of damaged capillary fibers.
The safety of Nectar Blonde also makes it the most comfortable hair color. With the assurance of better and healthy results, you will not worry about your scalp getting affected.

Nectar Blonde also gets rid of other existing hair issues. If you have hair dryness, split ends, or hair fall and breakages, it’s time you think about this hair shade. Again, you can use Nectar Blonde regardless of your hair type. Whether you have curvy, thick, or straight hair type, the hair color will cure all existing problems.


Nectar Blonde is one of the best hair color for healthier, and more glamourous hair. The hair shade has warmer, luxurious, and softer tones to enable you maintain your hair. At Imagique Salon Suites, we have top-quality hair treatment products and equipment. Our other services are hairstylist, manicure, waxing, makeup, aesthetician, and nail services.