Why The Bob Hairstyle is back in Style

Why The Bob Hairstyle is back in Style

It is 2022, and the bob or lob is here to stay. The classic haircut gained popularity thanks to Irene Castle in 1915. The famous ballroom dancer cut her hair as a matter of convenience and created a trend in the process. Decades later, the hairstyle is still doing the most while you chill and enjoy the pleasures of the new decade.

With the lob, there is no one-size-fits-all. There are different ways to have this sleek look. You can rock the french or the boy bob according to your facial shape and features. The only sure thing is the edgy look is stunning—whichever way you wear it. However, you may need the services of a professional hairdresser to get the cut right.

Reasons Why The Bob Cut is Trending

The Modern Feel

It is no surprise that the lob is in with the times. Current fashion trends are about refreshing the retro, and edgy cuts dominated the scene during this period. However, when you decide on your preferred lob cut, make sure to keep it modern. The best way to channel the 80s while staying modern is by going to a skilled hairdresser.


Soon after the first world war ended, the initial women empowerment wave swept the nation. Women gained financial freedom, acquired voting rights, played sports, and demanded liberation from man’s world. A symbol for this emancipation was chopping off their hair to assert their equality with men.

In the 21st century, this haircut still represents the feminist movement. Of course, now women focus on current oppressions plaguing women today, like unequal pay. Women worldwide restyle to show change—out with the old and in with the new. The easiest way to symbolize this change is always a fresh, statement-making, head-turning haircut.

Easy does the It

The bob is a low-maintenance hairstyle because the cut does all the work. It requires low manipulation because the haircut, itself, is the style. Additionally, the reduced hair length is easy to manage. The most you have to do is visit your hairdresser for occasional sprucing. The joy of waking up and getting on with business without worrying about your hairstyle is a win.

Anybody can Rock the Haircut

Contrary to popular belief, the bob cut is not for tall, skinny, long-necked people. It is for all and sundry. The hairdo is as versatile as anything can get.

professional hairstylist always cuts your hair to compliment your face shape and features. Therefore, everybody gets to have their own spin on the hairstyle. For some, bangs are a welcome addition to a lower neck cut, while for others, a mid-part does the trick. It is no wonder this current trend has all the variations—from blunt cuts to choppy layers.

Bob Cuts are a Fashion Statement

The bob done right is an iconic look. Everybody stares and wishes they were brave enough to dare. It is a fashion statement in its own right. It always stands out because it is bold and captivating. It captures the power of the woman without taking from her essence.

Go For it

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