Why You Should Go to a Salon Rather Than Using Box Dye

Why You Should Go to a Salon Rather Than Using Box Dye

Blonde haired woman in a salon getting dark roots bleached by a stylist with black gloves

We’ve all been tempted to reach for box dye when we want to cover greys or achieve a brand-new look. We convince ourselves we can do the job just as well as a professional, but don’t let yourself be bamboozled! Here are the reasons why you should always go to a salon instead of using box dye.


If you’ve used a box dye you’ve probably ended up with an unexpected color at least a couple of times. Let’s be honest, none of us do the dye test. Plus, you can’t predict accurate results based on the pictures on the back of the box. Stylists are trained to match dyes to specific hair textures and base colors. A stylist will blend a formula perfectly suited to your needs and will generally do any necessary corrections for free.


Not only are you getting a professional to dye your hair at a salon, but you’re also getting better products! Box dyes tend to be filled with harsh chemicals that can change the look and feel of your hair. Salon dyes are usually gentler, leaving you with healthier and softer hair than a box dye would. Stylists also only use the amount of dye that’s needed on your hair. At home it can be easy to dump the whole bottle of dye on your head, which can alter the results.
More Affordable in the Long Run
Sure, a box dye might only cost $15, but a correction will cost a lot more than that! Even if you don’t need a correction immediately, you will eventually have to get your dyed hair cut off. Box dyes never really fade, and they make your hair dry out. Going to a salon to begin with will eliminate the need to correct in the future.


Not only do box dyes have harsh chemicals, but the damage to your hair is permanent. A stylist can mitigate the damage done, but they can’t reverse it. The only way to repair the damage completely is to wait until your hair grows out.


Stylists can give you subtle highlights, an Ombre or Balayage. These styles require years of technical training, and you won’t be able to achieve those looks at home. Don’t be fooled by products that claim to produce perfect highlights, they don’t work.
We all want to feel confident and beautiful, and our hair can make or break a look. Going to a salon can certainly be an investment, but it’s one that is well worth making. Next time you’re tempted by a box dye remember it’s not worth it, and that you deserve better! Contact Imagique Salon Suites before you think about using box dye next time!