You Need to Know These Hair Extension Trends for 2022

You Need to Know These Hair Extension Trends for 2022

North America is the largest importer and market for hair extensions. Arizton Advisory & Intelligence states that the North American landscape has taken up 41% of the market share in recent years. During the pandemic, demand for these products took a slight decline.

Final Step Marketing conducted a survey that revealed that 93% percent of women have considered wearing hair extensions. In the same study, about 34% of women currently incorporate hair extensions into their beauty routines – a figure many expect to increase in the coming years.

Hair extensions will continue to be a staple in women’s beauty, especially with the increased prevalence of hair diseases. Hair extensions are relatively low maintenance because they don’t require the constant styling and care that natural hair does. They also let their wearers experiment with hairdos their natural hair might make challenging to pull off. Extensions are here to stay, but the way they’re worn changes with each era.

Platinum Blonde

One hair extension trend people should look out for is the rise of platinum blonde extensions. Extensions in this color will always be a head-turner, and rocking this bold color is suitable for your hair’s health. 

One stylist says that platinum blond extensions require little to no bleach compared to others. Bleaching your hair raises your outer cuticle and damages bonds within your hair’s proteins, making it brittler. Also, if you feel platinum blonde is a bit much, you can always opt for a warmer, brassier color.


While staying on bold extension styles, ombre extensions are more prominent among women today. These extensions let their wearers go for dazzling gradients and bold color choices. However, they’re more versatile than people would like to believe. While some people opt for eye-catching neon colors, others can go for more understated looks in more neutral colors.

Ponytail Extensions

Ponytails can be versatile – some prefer their sleek and straight, while others prefer their curly. One stylist urges people to complement their ponytails with hair bands, hair clips, etc.

Purchasing Ethically Sourced Extensions

One trend is growing interest in ethically sourced hair and related products for their extensions. The cosmetics industry has dark secrets, and customers are more aware of that. According to Google Trends, people’s search volumes for ethically sourced hair is at their highest peak in over five years. As customers become more informed, hair companies will examine their supply chains more carefully.

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