The Link Between Collagen & Healthy Hair

The Link Between Collagen & Healthy Hair

The Link Between Collagen and Healthy Hair
Our hair salon clients at Imagique Salon Suites frequently ask us how they can achieve luxurious locks like the movie stars have. It’s not a mystery, nor is it a secret. The key to strong, healthy hair with a shine is a protein that your body has in abundance: collagen. You may associate this protein with joint health and skin elasticity, but your tresses use it to maintain their strength, among other benefits.

How Collagen’s Skin Benefits Affect Your Hair

Your skin contains the hair follicle as well as the root, and collagen is the protein that makes up most of your skin. As you age, you don’t have as much collagen. Therefore, your skin begins to wrinkle more and has less volume. As your skin loses its elasticity, it also leads to your hair thinning.

In addition, collagen breaks down into amino acids, all of which are found in keratin. This is the main protein that makes up hair. As a result, collagen production is often linked to hair production.

Collagen Protects Against Free Radicals

Collagen doesn’t just help build your hair. Collagen also acts as an antioxidant that protects against free radicals — unstable atoms that can harm your cells. You may have already been aware that these cells can damage your heart and cause issues in other ways. However, free radicals also damage your cells’ proteins.

When your hair cells don’t have adequate protein, you could experience hair thinning and hair loss. Some people experience a decrease in the vibrancy of the color of their hair from a protein deficiency as well. Your hair follicles feel the wrath of free radicals, and so does your DNA. Collagen, however, works to protect your cells, proteins and DNA.

Free radicals also deplete the pigment that makes the color of your hair. While your genetics affects how fast you gray, your hair could gray sooner from the free-radical damage. Collagen can slow this process, though.

Getting Enough Collagen

The primary type of collagen found in your body is collagen type I. You can take in collagen in general from incorporating a diet rich in chicken, beef, fish, eggs and dairy products. You may also want to consider using a supplement.

However, supplementation and collagen consumption aren’t enough to maintain a healthy balance of collagen. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle in general. For instance, you should minimize stress. It’s vital to limit your alcohol intake and review your diet — aim for a well-balanced diet with lots of greens and low-fat meats.

Additionally, if you take a collagen supplement or just increase your natural consumption, take vitamin C with it. This nutrient helps regulate collagen synthesis. Plus, vitamin C benefits the condition of your hair as well. Vitamin C is an antioxidant like collagen is. Not to mention, vitamin C is necessary for iron absorption. Your body needs iron for hair growth.

Find out more about what you can do to maintain your hair’s thickness and sheen by visiting Imagique Salon Suites website. Our knowledgeable hair salon staff at Imagique Salon Suites can help you take a multifaceted approach to shiny, silky hair that you’re proud of.