Dealing With Customer Complaints

Dealing With Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints

First-time salon owners have to overcome several challenges to make their business ventures successful. One of the most common problems new salon owners face is customer complaints. At Imagique, we deemed it only right to give you the scoop on how to deal with them.

Know That You Will Receive Complaints

A new salon will undoubtedly receive complaints of one type or another — it’s simply part of running a business in the beauty industry. As someone working in the industry, you must always prioritize customer service. Dealing with complaints and criticisms about the product or service you provide is an onerous but important part of the job.

Also, no salon can provide service that meets the expectations of every customer every time. Sometimes customers simply have unreal expectations. However, what you can do is put forth your very best effort to remedy the situation at hand. When complaints build or go unresolved, they can bury a new business before that business has a chance to truly grow.

Offer a High-Quality Product or Service

Make sure the service you advertise actually adheres to the highest quality standards possible. Make sure that you emphasize bringing in polished, experienced professionals who can deliver these standards. Skilled technicians who offer the best service will receive the fewest number of complaints. Don’t give anyone reason to complain about the quality of the service you or your team offers.

Keep Your Customer Service Skills Polished

Many customer complaints stem directly from poor customer service. If a customer complains of botched service, rudeness or incompetence, then it’s on you to make things right.

Treat any complaints that hint at poor or bad customer service very seriously. Some first-time salon owners may not have a history in customer service and must learn on the go. This is a problem you can’t always avoid.

Some general rules of good customer service include:

  • Listening to your customers
  • Dealing with customer complaints immediately
  • Making customers feel appreciated and important
  • Always remaining calm and professional
  • Finding ways to say yes instead of no
  • Always looking at the situation with empathy

If you have a team, then they too need to know the fundamentals of good customer service.

There are times when complaints are unreasonable, and that too requires care. In some cases, a refund is easier than arguing, but in others, you may wish to stand firm.

Communicate Your Services and Pricing Clearly

Some customer complaints stem from not understanding the services being offered. Salon suites owners should always communicate what they offer very clearly.

Customers need to know precisely what they’re paying for to avoid any misunderstandings. Document the steps you or your staff take for any service you advertise. Let people know precisely. That way you can let people know exactly what they’re paying for. Trust us. It will pay dividends in the future.

Make your pricing transparent. If there are additional fees for a service, inform the customers and have it in writing. If you make changes to your pricing, inform customers immediately. Don’t advertise with old pricing when you’ve made a change. It hurts your credibility and the trust you’ve built up with current customers.

Learn from Every Complaint

Complaints can serve as a way for you to figure out if you have issues with your business that you need to fix. If you receive multiple complaints about the same thing, then evaluate those complaints to figure out the root cause of the problem.

You should always have a way to resolve complaints and conflicts immediately. For example, always have something to offer, such as a complimentary service or a discount. Offer an apology. However, these things simply treat a symptom and not the cause. Analyze the complaint and see what you can do to ensure it never happens again.

Dealing with complaints appropriately solves a host of issues you’ll face as a new salon owner. Having a good location specifically designed for people who want a space for their professional salon services can also help solve other potential problems.

For this reason, Imagique salon suites should be spot in the DFW to help you realize your dream. To learn more about bringing your salon services to the metroplex, contact Imagique Salon Suites today.