Guide to Maintaining Vibrant Dyed Hair

Guide to Maintaining Vibrant Dyed Hair

Whether you’re looking to sport a natural-feeling color, want a new look for the warmer seasons, or simply need something dramatically different, dying your hair can be a fulfilling and validating process. However, without proper care and maintenance, that hair color may begin to fade due to our environment or products that don’t support it.

Hair dyes typically fade naturally over time, but re-dying your hair too often or incorrectly can be costly or lead to bad hair health. Maintaining dyed hair requires a little bit of know-how, but by following a few steps in caring for your hair, you can extend your hair color’s lifespan and prevent premature fading and accidental hair damage. Check out these steps for keeping your colors fresh.

Get Your Hair Done Professionally

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If you’re feeling the urge to change your hair color, it may seem as simple as grabbing box dye off the shelf, but you’ll likely get better-looking and healthier coloring from a professional stylist. Box dyes can be inconsistent in color from what’s presented on the box, while stylists are trained experts who can create the color formula to fit your goals. They can also perform touch-ups or corrections if there are any issues you won’t get from a store-bought dye, letting you keep your hair color consistent.

A salon-based stylist typically uses better products than you’ll have at home, with gentler dyes that avoid harsh chemicals often used in box dyes. These chemicals can dry out your hair and don’t fade naturally, resulting in potential long-term or permanent damage.

Stylists can also create more subtle highlights and dye mixtures that require years of training. If you want to do less initial maintenance while starting with the best color, consider booking an appointment with your local salon.

Protect Your Hair While Washing

Developing proper washing habits can extend the vibrancy of your hair dye. After you first dye your hair, wait a couple of days before rinsing it in the shower, as the still-settling color is more likely to wash out. If you still need to wash yourself but want to avoid your hair, consider using a shower cap.

While you still want to wash your hair regularly, you don’t want to overwash it, as frequent exposure to minerals in shower or bath water can degrade color faster. Our scalp produces natural oils that help keep our hair healthy, including the vibrancy of hair dye, and frequent washing only removes those oils. Limiting yourself to washing your hair every few days can help keep your hair clean without stripping away these oils and the hair’s color.

Use the Right Shampoo

Maintaining dyed hair isn’t just about shampooing less but also about what type of shampoo you use. Many over-the-counter products contain sulfates and other chemicals that can cause color to fade faster. Opt for shampoos free of these chemicals designed for dyed hair, or ask your local stylist what they recommend based on your specific hair type. If your hair is fine and naturally oily, you can also utilize dry shampoos to help your hair build volume between your regular shampooing.

Avoid the Heat

Heat is one of the most significant factors in diminishing hair color, whether natural or dyed. Tools like blow dryers or curling irons, without proper temperature control, can damage the pigments that make up our hair color and cause it to oxidize, making the hair weaker and less elastic. Using heat-based tools in medium to low settings can help avoid accidental overexposure to heat.

Even hot water in the shower can cause damage, so take showers in cool or lukewarm water while rinsing your hair. If you’re a fan of steamy showers, simply turn the water temperature down once you’re ready to rinse your hair.

The sun’s heat can also damage hair color, especially as we enter warmer months and are likely to spend more time enjoying the outdoor weather. Don’t let the fear of too much sun keep you from the beach or a spring picnic; wearing a scalp and hair SPF or a hat that fits your style can help protect your face and hair from the sun’s UV rays.

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