Salon Suite Decoration Tips

Salon Suite Decoration Tips

When you finally have your own salon suite, it can feel exciting and overwhelming. You’re finally a business owner and ready to see your vision come to life. One of the first things you’ll want to tackle first is how you decorate the space. When it comes to decorating, people often say less is more. Typically, salon suites aren’t enormous. So, it’s essential to economize your space and go for minimalism. Let us show you how you can be economical and smart with your space.

1) Consider Layout

Before you start decorating, consider the layout of your entire salon suite. The goal is to emphasize spacing, item placement and flow. You can do this by designating spots for specific processes. For example, separate the areas for nails, hair coloring and haircuts. Decide where each of these spaces should be by taking the natural flow of movement into account. Try to imagine how people and employees will move within the confines of the suite. Decoration should enhance movement and not inhibit it.

2) Decoration with a Purpose

While it’s essential to have fun with your decorating, it should also serve a purpose. Organizing your Salon Suite is a no-brainer. As mentioned earlier, it helps you economize space and leaves a great impression on the customers. Avoid clutter by any means necessary. It draws more attention to any messiness and the bustle can make customers uneasy and flustered.

Shelves can help with organization. They allow you to take advantage of vertical space. Additionally, consider storing your supplies in an aesthetically appealing way. In fact, be sure to use unique storage containers that add to the salon’s overall aesthetic.

3) Color

Many salon suite owners tend to opt for white walls and décor because they remind the customer of cleanliness. Cleanliness is one of the most crucial criteria by which salons are judged. Thus, if your décor and work match the customer’s picture of a sanitary establishment and you provide excellent service, you’re bound to trend upward.

When it comes to the color scheme of your salon suite, you want to make sure there is a focal point. Create some contrast by switching up the pattern in one particular area. This will naturally draw the customers’ eyes to that spot. If all of your walls are white, maybe add fun wallpaper or a pop of color to the focal point’s wall.

4) Lighting

Every salon suite needs a good amount of lighting. Consider finding a chandelier to add extra light and sophistication to the salon. However, remember that the type of lighting is equally important as well. For example, too much LED lighting can give your salon a purple hue. For hairstylists, manicurists, and customers alike, this is a huge problem. It can cause all of them to see the wrong colors in your salon and nothing will help you rack up complaints quicker than that. Try to maximize natural light as much as possible so customers get a real sense of the colors they’ve received.

Additionally, mirrors serve to make places seem more spacious by reflecting natural or artificial light throughout the room.

5) Make the Place Yours

Your salon is your brand and an extension of you. Don’t be afraid to add a unique touch that captures your individuality and style. Have a pop of color, a decorative item or a subtle motif throughout the suite’s design. This will help your salon stand out in customers’ minds and solidify your branding. All of the most successful brands in the world have clear characteristics that define them. You want customers to see a particular aspect that makes your salon come to mind. Make sure the branding behind your salon is unique and sets you apart.

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