Five Tips For Organizing Your Salon Suite

Five Tips For Organizing Your Salon Suite

Five Tips For Organizing Your Salon Suite

Keeping your salon suite organized is a fundamental element to a successful business. You can organize your salon in a way that is efficient and speeds up processes, maximizes space, and reduces waste. A planned space will give your clients a feeling of comfort and reassurance as they sit in your chair.

1. Labeling & Color Coding

Color coding is incredibly popular in task management. Studies show you can teach your brain to associate a task with a color faster than reading text. An exceptional tool for organization would be to color-code your appointments. This will allow you to glance at your schedule for the day and understand what you have ahead of you.

Additionally, consider purchasing a label maker. Label makers are an affordable purchase that will pay for itself in the long run. Your salon suite likely will have many variations for each product. Label your products so you can eliminate time wasted searching for materials, brands, or colors.

2. Everything Has Its Place

When you’re organizing your salon, approach the design both from a functional and a decorative point of view. Firstly, place items in areas where they are most frequently used. This will make reaching for products quick and painless. Secondly, remember to put items back in their designated spot. This eliminates clutter and makes your space look more professional and clean. They say your space is a reflection of who you are. You want to show the client that you’re organized, detailed, and clean, so they feel they can trust you.

3. Use Shelving to Maximize Space

No matter how much space we have, it always feels like we could use more. That’s especially true for salons. Between all the products, client chairs, tools, and decorations, it can quickly feel cluttered and messy. Give yourself more space by installing vertical shelving. This allows you to organize your tools and products without limiting the open space of your salon with more side tables.

4. Scheduling

Without being overly dramatic, poor scheduling can be the downfall of your business. You need to keep track of appointments, give yourself enough time for each client, and time in between appointments to reset. Poor scheduling can lead to:

  • Clients left waiting despite having a scheduled appointment
  • Stylists rushing and getting sloppy in their work as they try to get to the next client
  • A client’s experience being ruined because the salon is still messy from the last appointment
  • Double bookings for clients
  • Staff shortages or overages
  • No show and missed appointments when you don’t confirm bookings and send reminders.

Any of these instances can result in you permanently losing a customer.

5. Purge & Consolidate

There’s a reason Marie Kondo’s organizational and cleaning methods became so popular. A clean space results in a better mindset. At least once in six months, look over your space and see what you can purge. From tools that you never use to products that are not selling, donate the items, and move on. You will feel lighter and refreshed every time you do so!

Another key to an organized, efficient salon is consolidation. Our first tip is to purchase a cord organizer to keep all of those wires from tangling. There are many options online for cord organizers that are charming and inconspicuous. Additionally, consider portable storage containers. You can keep matching items together that can roll in and out of the salon with each appointment. With each customer, you only have the necessary items around, leaving an open space.

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