5 Great Tips for First-Time Salon Owners

5 Great Tips for First-Time Salon Owners

For many people in the beauty service industry, the thought of owning their own salon fills them hope and ambition. As a company that provides suites that house these businesses, we experience the happiness that comes with the realization of this dream firsthand. Imagique has helped many first-time salon owners take the next step by leasing them affordable salon suite spaces. Below, we’ve compiled a few tips to help streamline the successful operation of your salon from day one:

1. Keep a Complaint Log

The adage “you can’t please everyone” has never rung louder than it does in the beauty service industry. When a customer makes a complaint, we recommend logging it somewhere. These sorts of things need a level of permanence. By maintaining a complaint log and referring to it regularly, trends are noticed earlier, and shortcomings are handled swifter. In the long run, this makes dealing with complaints a much easier process. In addition to the log, make sure there is a means by which positive feedback can be recorded too.

2. Marketing and Advertising Your Salon

You can’t hinge your salon’s success on a handful of loyal customers. You’ve got to actively pursue new clientele by leveraging your available marketing and promotion tools. In the beauty service industry, panache, elegance and simplicity go a long way. This applies as much to your marketing as it does with your actual service. Other ways you can get the word out include rewards programs, sales or displaying customer testimonials.

3. Never Forget: Customers Come First

Attracting new customers and retaining old ones are both at the core of any successful business. However, it always seems that attracting new customers is much easier than retaining them. Once you’ve got a customer receiving services at your salon, it pays invaluable dividends to make every customer feel like they are valued and special. In fact, dare I say it, you should make them feel like they’re the reason this salon was built. After all, their money keeps the bills paid and your pockets lined. Learning to successfully retain your clients is core for any salon’s long term success. 

4. Keep a Close Eye on Your Budget

Allot time out of your busy schedule to update business expenses. We recommend doing so at least once every two weeks. Accuracy is essential to preventing costly financial mistakes. Thus, we recommend getting a capable business accountant once the scale of your operations increase. Set aside an emergency fund in case any major expense hit you unexpectedly. Maintain current inventory records and always follow up on receivables and invoices. They’re key to reducing your business taxes. 

5. Recruit Employees Carefully and Empower Them

Take time to do at least a cursory background check on all potential employees. Doing so could save you a lot of time, hassle and money in the future. Also remember that as the owner of an up-and-coming salon, you’ve got to consistently present yourself as both a leader and a team player. Hold individual meetings with your employees to develop a rapport with your workers. Learn what their professional goals are, what new skills they would be interested in learning and how they want themselves to be seen as a member of your salon team.

The Salon Industry is Booming! It’s Never Been a Better Time to Start Your Own Salon Business

If you are ready to open your business or want to take your salon to the next level, contact Imagique Salon Suites today for prompt, professional assistance.