How to Successfully Retain Your Salon Clients

How to Successfully Retain Your Salon Clients

How to retain salon clients
The salon industry can be quite competitive and maintaining high customer retention can be the difference between success and failure. Studies show that it can be anywhere between 5-25% more expensive to acquire a new customer versus keep an existing client. With that shocking statistic in mind, keep reading to find out what you can do to successfully retain your salon suite clients.

1. Develop a Loyalty Program

From credit cards to grocery stores to gas stations, these days it seems like every business offers a loyalty program. And this reason for this is that it works to reduce customer churn. A loyalty program encourages a customer always to keep coming back to you to receive an incentive.

One idea for a loyalty program is a “status” program. This type of program can be eligible for people who visit the salon a certain number of times annually. With each tier (for example, bronze, silver and gold members), customers will receive different perks. These perks can be a glass of champagne with appointments, discounts, or free treatments. Customers will feel excited and motivated to reach the next tier and will make sure to come into your salon more frequently.

Promote your loyalty program on your social media channels, and mention it to every customer who comes in.

2. Make a Good First Impression

You only have one chance to make a lasting first impression on a new client that makes them want to return. From the minute they step into the salon suite to when they leave, you want to make sure they had an enjoyable experience. No matter what systems you have in place, there’s always room for improvement. Collect feedback from existing clients, asking for details on what the salon suite can work on.

3. Make Booking an Appointment Simple

If an appointment is difficult to make, it can be a barrier for the client to return. For example, if you’re running your salon suite on your own, you may not always be able to answer the phone. Implement an online booking system so clients can book themselves whenever it is convenient for them. The booking system should send clients an automatic email confirming their appointment. Additionally, make sure your system sends out reminders before upcoming appointments to reduce the frequency of no-shows.

4. Listen to Clients

Clients come to a salon suite for an enjoyable experience. You want to listen to your client’s wants, needs and feedback, so they feel valued as a customer. If they share personal details with you, it can be a nice gesture to ask follow-up questions on their next appointment. This will make them feel special and will solidify their relationship with your salon suite.

5. Make the Experience Easy & Enjoyable

Ensure you’re providing your clients with an exceptional experience. Some easy tips are:

  • Keep your salon tidy
  • Decorate your salon in a unique style
  • Never rush an appointment
  • Make sure clients always leave happy with their services
  • Send emails reminding clients when they haven’t visited in a while
  • Reward returning customers by offering them a discount on their birthday

6. Treat Customers as Clients, Not as Money

Remember that your customers have endless options for salon suites that can meet their needs. When you stop viewing them as a partnership, not a money source, your business can thrive. People can tell when they’re valued as customers and will return to companies that appreciate them. Form real connections with your clients and do everything you can to keep them happy.

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