5 Tips for becoming a successful hairstylist

5 Tips for becoming a successful hairstylist

tips for becoming a successful hair stylist

When it comes to being a hairstylist, there’s a lot of competition out there. However, not all hairstylists are equal. Only the hairstylists who put effort into their success will build up a loyal clientele and see bookings all year long. Keep reading for the top six tips you can implement to become a successful hairstylist.

1) Find Your Niche

Thanks to your education and background, you likely have a firm grasp on all types of hairstyles and hair treatments. However, it’s best to find something that you’re passionate about and focus on that. Look through pictures of your best work or listen to your clientele’s feedback to see what you do best. Once you identify your niche, you can make sure to stay up to date in that subfield by continuing your education. Make an effort to take time out of your schedule for retraining. A few times a year, take a course on the subfield of hairstyling you’re focusing on. This will allow you to continually improve as well as keep up to date with trends and new methods.

2) Make Customer Service a Priority

People see haircuts as a luxury treatment. When going in for a haircut, your customer wants to feel special. Always treat your customers the best way possible, to ensure they have a fantastic experience and continue to return. You can keep a notebook tracking details about them, so they feel honored you remember them every time they come back. And always focus on communication. It only takes one lousy haircut for you to lose a customer forever. Be very clear about what the client wants during the consultation. And, always check in with them about their satisfaction at the end of the appointment. Never let a client leave your salon unsatisfied, it will go a long way in retaining your clientele.

3) Look and Act the Part

Most people don’t want a personal fitness trainer who is overweight. It’s simpler harder to trust someone that doesn’t practice what they preach. Well, the same is true for hairstylists. A hairstylist should always show up with great hair and a put-together outfit to work. When a customer can see that you’re able to make yourself look nice, they trust you with their appearance as well. Always act confident in the salon, allowing the customer to feel at ease that they’re in the hands of a professional.

4) Promote Yourself

Unfortunately, word of mouth can only do so much. It’s difficult to grow your customer base without promoting yourself. Make sure to be active online, uploading photos of your work so that people get inspired by your talent. Additionally, you can try to offer incentives for referrals. Tell your loyal customers that for every new client they refer, they’ll receive a discount on their next treatment. Lastly, attend local business events and pass out your card to everyone there. Little steps such as these can be the difference between having a couple of clients and having hundreds.

5) Sell Your Products

People will turn to their hairstylist for advice. After spending some time handling a customer’s hair, you can likely diagnose just what kind of products they need. Pass on these recommendations to your customer. Let them know they have dry/oily/damaged hair and how to fix it. Clients will feel grateful for your suggestions, and you can make extra money selling products you believe in!

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